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    Home is where we all feel most comfortable, a place where we belong. It is where difference is celebrated, cherished and encouraged. For all whose minds and spirits are aimed towards the betterment of that shared home, our home, regardless the differing voices, they deserve to be heard.

    Heart is our utmost treasure, the very attribute that makes us human, that enables us to love and be loved, that creates beauty in this world we live in.

    Indonesia is what we, the big family of Travel Bloggers Indonesia, call home. A place where we put our hearts into. It is our shared love of home that unites us to bring good news from this vast archipelago to the world; to introduce the unique traditions and cultures constantly reshaped by the nation’s quarter of a billion people; to promote the practices of sustainable tourism and responsible development so our children will still be able to experience this country’s unspoiled beaches, lush tropical forests, symphony of nature, friendly people and colorful cultures it is known for. This is a vision we, TBI members, share. Because Indonesia is our home, it is in our hearts, we are passionate about sharing inspiring travel stories and images from our beloved home with you.

    Happy responsible travels!